40/60 Condominium housing program Winners’ list

40/60 Condominium housing program Winners' list
The new houses are of four, three and two bedrooms and were built at places commonly known as Sengatera and Kaliti Crown Hotel.

Winners ( See here winners’ list ) of the 1st batch of 40/60 condominium houses were announced on July 08, 2017 in special lots draw at the Addis Ababa City Hall.

Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Dr. Ambachew Mekonen, Addis Ababa Deputy Mayer, Ato Abate Sitotaw, CBE President Bekalu Zeleke as well as invited guests attended the lottery drawing session.

The 972 winners were declared through the special computerize lottery drawing program developed by CBE’s information technology experts and Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

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