Addis Ababa City Administration demolishes Houses in Yeka Sub City

"Yeka Sub City House Demolishing"

By Muluken Yewondwossen


The Addis Ababa City Administration’s, Yeka Sub City, has demolished 57 residential houses that are “illegally” constructed after and during the 2005 national election. The tenants who left their houses last Monday told Capital that some of the tenants have started to live in temporary plastic houses around the demolished area.

On August 26, 2010 the Kotebe area Kebele Administration, the area on the easter outskirts of the town, cautioned the dwellers to demolish their houses and leave the area on Sunday August 29, 2010.

According to the information obtained from tenants at the area, most of the dwellers moved their household equipments and demolished roofs before the Kebele Administration’s demolishing taskforce arrived in the area early Monday morning.

“The taskforce that was supported by excavator machinery has demolished the rest of the houses during the day,” a resident who was displaced from his home told Capital. The man, who demanded to be anonymous, said that the city administration promised them that it wouldn’t demolish their houses. But on Friday August 27 the tenants were informed otherwise.

According to the information from the city administration, the illegal houses will also be demolished in other areas of the town. In addition, some other dwellers that live in the illegally built houses around the current area were informed about this.

Recently the city administration has said that it will dissolve houses that did not have a title deed and were constructed during the 2005 elections and post election time.

But the tenants who were displaced from Kotebe area have complained that they erected their houses before the election time. However, the administration has implemented its decision. An official at the Kebele told Capital last week that his administration is continuing to implement the administration’s decisions

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