Addis Ababa City Administration to Transfer 20,000 Condos

"Addis Ababa City Administration to Transfer 20,000 Condos"
The buildings are located at various sites around the city including the Jemo II and III sites and Lideta.

The City Administration of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is set to transfer 20,000 condominium houses to beneficiaries in the next two months announced a statement.

The construction of some of the condominium buildings is fully complete while others are still under construction according to the statement released by the Construction and Housing Development Bureau of the City.

The buildings are located at various sites around the city including the Jemo II and III sites and Lideta.

The city is also in the process of constructing 170,000 condominium houses to be completed in the coming three years according to the Communication Affairs Bureau of the administration.

It is to be remembered that the pilot program for the condominium housing project was launched in 2003 and the city has transferred 72,000 houses since 2005. The Addis Ababa Administration has introduced the Integrated Housing Development Program on the basis of the success and the lessons of the pilot project.

The housing program is designed to address a range of problems, as well as addressing the need for housing within the city, including curbing unemployment through creating jobs in the construction sector, increasing the number of micro enterprises engaged in meeting the needs of enhanced construction and rehabilitating slum areas of the city through the redevelopment program it was learned.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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  1. I appreciate the City administration effort to answer the basic question that the people ask for. That is housing problem. We(Government employees) are prepared to register the new housing scheme(40/60). But we are not informed the commencement date of registration. Please update us this information?

  2. I registered for condominium lottery before 10 years ago.
    now I know already lottery of list withdrawal announced.How can I know the name of list who got the chance of awarded?


    • BO11Y0000332005 መላኩ መንገሻ ሀይሌ ወንድ 20/80 ነባር ባለ አንድ መኝታ ቤትፕሮጄክት14 ብሎክ 216 4 216/31
      please check your Last Name and Unique Id.

      I think you are a winner !!!

  3. I was registerd for condominium house at 1997 E.C. But I can not be beneficary still today ,so how could i know wether am in draw for the past 7th round chance list or not? also I am appriciate A.A city administration about creating of peoples home problem solution with in short period of time by building thousands of house.

  4. i was registered and alwyas i say my name may not present in the list, but i get the chance in the 8th round. so those of you, as to me yr chance will come one time wait till it comes.

  5. This is very intersting work.I wish all buliding like this in addis and all the Ethiopia city. This is big chainge.This is good image, please keep up on it and work hard on it.The view of countery and city also chainge.
    This is wonderful job.

  6. 1. I appreciate the Addis Ababa city administration for its fats situation on construction of condominium houses this days, however there is no means to check wither I am in the list or not .There must be a means to check online. In addition there is no reply for comments some issues need reply from administration unless it doesn’t have sense only reading comments .I think because this most comments are akin to politics .
    2. What about the reaming people that do not get a chance before? is continue the condominium just as before or it may included in 40/60, 80/20 ,10/90 ? Thank you for reading

  7. I registered before 10 years, but my exepctation become down
    b/c the city government is focused on talk. please, please keep your
    Promised word.

  8. I am very happy beacouse of I got this condomuinum chance and I wish this chance for all who are waiting.I hope they got this chance in the near future. good job addis abeba goverment. I have another question I saw my condominum block and room but where shall see the size of the room to calculat how much money needs for 20% down payment

  9. i am one of the 1oth round condominium winners. i have paid the dawn payment May 2015, now i am in need of the house. is there any valid information we it will be transferred

  10. greeting, I have register for 40/60 program and saving monthly for 3 bedrooms. however, I have no enough information on the current status of the building. would you please inform me and others related to the current status of the construction and the process expected from customers like me to handover completed houses.
    Thank You reading

  11. How do you check that peoples living in another regions for many years registered for condominium in Addis by claiming ID card from addis

  12. መንግስት ቤት ለሌለን ጠቅሞናል በመሆኑም በአንዳንድ አካባቢ ለህንፃው ደህንነት ምንም ደንታ የሌላቸው በጠረራ ፀሐይ የልብስ እጣቢ ቁልቁል በሕንፃው ላይ የሚለቁ ሙቀጫ በሕንፃው ላይ የሚወቅጡ ጡቡን እያፈረሱ እንጨት የሚፈልጡ ለህንፃው ደህንንት ምንም ግድ የሌላቸው ተከራዮች መኖራቸው አከራይ ገንዘብ መብላቱን እንጂ ወይንም በትርፍነት የያዘው ስለሚሆን ግድ የማይሰጠው ሌላው በየግርግዳው ላይ ጥላት የሚቀቡ ቆሻሻ እዳሪ የሚያፈሱ ለጤንነት ጎጂ እያደረጉበት ስለሆነ ባፋጣኝ እርምጃ ቢወሰድ በትርፍነት የያዙት መሆኑ ተጣርቶ ምንም የሌለው ደሀ ቢያገኝ የሚል አሰተያየት አለኝ ሌላው ጆሞ አካባቢ ቁጥር 2 በሚባለው ሰፈር ጤና ጥበቃ የለም ወይ ለማለት በሚያሳፍር ሁኔታ ያለ መኖሩና ትርፍ ለማንም ያልተሰጠ ተዘግቶ ያለ ቤት መኖሩ ሲሆን መስተዋቱ ተሰባብሮ ይታያል የሚል አስተያየት አለኝ ቢታሰብበት

  13. enate condominiem kemewtatu befit motech ahun etaw siweta besuwa sim yewetawin edil lij mewres ayichilim wey? kehig agbab akuya endet tayutalachu?

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