Addis Ababa city residents welcome the introduction of taxi zoning

"Addis Ababa Taxi Zoning"

Addis Ababa city residents commend the recently introduced taxi zoning system in alleviating transportation problems in the city.

The Addis Ababa Roads and Transport Bureau last week put in place the taxi zoning system which requires minibuses to strictly follow their designated routes which is indicated on placards mounted to their roof.

Belete Ashire, who was awaiting a taxi around Stadium area, told WIC that the system will do away with the previous arbitrary transport service provision.

“The previous system was entirely dictated by taxi drivers and their assistants,” Belete said. “I expect the new system to alleviate all of the problems we have been facing”.

As per the new system 239 routes are categorized into five zones including Bole, Megenagna, Asco, Saris and Tor Hailoch. A total of 9,200 minibuses have been registered by the bureau to employ the system.

“Drivers used to cut short longer routes so as to obtain more income,” Belete told WIC. “As a result, we have been subjected to pay more than the justified fare”.

Teka Demamu, another city resident, also welcomed the new zoning system and urged the government to continue regulating the public transportation system.

“As this is a new system, drivers and commuters might encounter some problems,” Teka said.

He said that the bureau should closely work with all stakeholders to address such problems; a sentiment shared by many of the city residents WIC talked to.

The bureau, which has been working for more than two years to introduce the system, has also identified some 13 Taxi Owners Associations as stakeholders in the zoning system.

Mestawet Shiferaw is the supervisor of one of these associations – Blen Taxi Owners’ Association. She believes that the system can only get better as all stakeholders come into terms with it.

“Everything is going according to plan except for some problems caused by unruly drivers and their assistants,” she told WIC.

She urged the public to report the license plate and side number of the minibuses who do not abide by the rules and procedures of the new zoning system.

Watch the video below for more information about the new taxi zoning system.

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