Bole Road Construction could be Completed Ahead of Schedule

"bole road construction"
A roller-compactor treads along the torn up southbound side of Section Two of the First Phase of the reconstruction of Africa Avenue, in front of Tommy Tower around Flamingo.

Addis Ababa, March 25 (WIC) – The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) anticipates the Meskel Squre-Bole road upgrading project to be completed ahead of its planned period of two and a half years.

Engineer Fekade Haile, general manager of the authority, told WIC that efforts are underway to complete the 60 million USD project in time for the 50th anniversary of the African Union, which will be celebrated in Addis Ababa in May 2013.

“Major obstacles for road constructions are sorting out right of ways and clearing the area, in this regard there were no major obstacles for the Meskel Squre-Bole Road project,” Eng. Fekade, told WIC.

In January 2012, city Mayor Kuma Demeksa inaugurated the road project, which remained on the drawing boards for over five years. The inauguration came after the Council of Ministers approved the 60 million USD loan secured from Import and Export Bank of China.

The construction of the 4.3km-long, 40-metre wide, Road is now underway in phases. The AACRA divided the Road into five sections, from Meskel Square to Flamingo, Flamingo to Olympia, Olympia to Wollo Sefer, Wollo Sefer to the Rwandan Embassy, and from the Rwandan Embassy to Bole Roundabout Overpass.

“Working in sections will help us minimize inconveniences and proceed faster with the project,” Fekade told WIC.

According to the general manager, this budget year constructions will focus on the Road from Flamingo to Olympia and the Road from the Rwandan Embassy to Bole Roundabout Overpass. Works on the underpass and overpass at Olympia and the Rwandan Embassy junction are also underway.

The China Road & Bridge Corporation (CRBC), contracted to undertake the construction, are carrying diggings in the two sections.

“The Rwanda to Bole Section in particular is known for its high traffic, so here constructions will be carried out round-the-clock including on public holidays,” Fekade said.

The construction company, consulted by the indigenous Engineer Zewdie Eskinder & Co Plc, is also confident that the project will be completed ahead of the original time frame of two and a half years.

“Our team is working day and night to finalize this project shorter than what was previously planned,” Peng Huan, the project manger, told WIC.

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  1. The Bole Road construction has almost but killed local businesses on Bole Road. The project was post to take two years with one side of the road left open whilst they completed the other side. But due to the Governments interest in impressing other heads of states they halved the construction time and closed the whole road off. Businesses in places like Demal City Center, Getu Commercial and others has suffered badly and many has closed. Communication has been cut off for weeks on end, water supply has been nearly non existence.

    It is complete mess. This is nothing to be proud off. Ethiopia does not want businesses to grow, they don’t give a care.

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