Britain gives £5 million to the Ethiopian Spice Girls for their new talk show… on top of the £4 million we’ve already handed them

UK taxpayers have picked up a new £5.2million bill to fund a talk show for Ethiopia’s own Spice Girls.

Yegna, a five-strong pop group, has been awarded a contract to develop its ‘branded media platform’, which also includes a radio drama and music.

The foreign aid cash – which will keep the band going until at least 2018 – comes despite officials warning it may be a waste of money.

Yegna’s aim is to empower young women in the African country through music.

In 2013 a Mail investigation from Ethiopia, which is one of the biggest recipients of British aid, revealed a UK-funded project named Girl Hub had provided £4million to help fund the group.

Ethiopian critics at the time said it was enough money to run the Yegna initiative for 154 years.

Then last year the Independent Commission on Aid Impact watchdog warned ministers to halt the project unless managers could show it was working.

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