Do you know “Woubit Ethiopia” ?

Almaz Amensisa

Addis Ababa: Jan 8, 2015 – This is the famous image of “Woubit Ethiopia” as she was Dubbed. This image was taken sometime in the late seventies By Ethiopia’s tourist commission board. Not much is known About the woman subject of the photo.

Her name is almaz amensisa. Hailing from Ethiopia’s wollega Region, she lived in Addis Ababa with her husband and four Children. Unlike what is widely believed, almaz is neither a Model nor an actress. Her husband, an employee at the National Tourism Agency managed to convince her to take up a Photo shoot opportunity at a time when the national tourism Commission was collecting images to serve for promotional Purposes, according to Cuban Ethiopian historian Eduardo Byrono.

But her image became an international sensation. As Her daughter Deborah explained to us, almaz never asked for Compensation for the photo and only wished that the income Serve Ethiopia’s tourism industry.
In 2007, almaz came to the USA to get treatment for an Undisclosed illness. Sadly, in November of 2008, woubit health had declined and she passed away in the USA.

Although every Ethiopian is familiar with the class, elegance and Natural Beauty she exhibits in this image.

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