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Addis Ababa: December 22, 2014 – The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its regular session yesterday.

The Committee while closing its meeting held from December 19- 21, 2014, evaluated this budget year’s plan and execution activities of the government and the party as well as put directions that enable to successfully realize the plan.

The Committee reviewed that the training and consultative forums which have been underway since summer time to build capacity, fill the attitudinal and skills gaps of leaders went as per the plan.

The forums were successful in filling the attitudinal and skill gaps of leaders and in creating favorable condition for the effective realization of this budget year’s plan, it said.

Regarding rural development, the Committee evaluated the activities carried out to conserve natural resources, plant seedlings and create jobs as successful.

Taking into account the importance of irrigation development for the general agricultural growth, the Committee underscored the need to consolidate extension activities in irrigation schemes.

After evaluating the activities carried out targeting small and micro enterprises, the Committee highlighted the need to give due attention to fill the attitudinal gaps and to ensure developmental thoughts towards the sector.

The Committee also underlined the need to scale up the activities being made to improve maternal and child health, to attain the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) and the Millennium Development Goals.

The multifaceted infrastructure developments and mega projects of the GTP are progressing well and as per schedule, the Committee said.

The Committee also evaluated the good governance activities carried out to address problems in service provision. It called on service providers to fulfill their responsibility and ensure public satisfaction.

As reviewed by the Committee, preparations are well underway to make the 5th general election to be carried out this budget year democratic, free, peaceful and credible.

The Committee also confirmed that EPRDF and its government are ready to discharge their responsibility and ensure free and fair election. Preparations are also underway to create equal space for all contesting political parties, it said.

EPRDF has finalized preparations to provide training to its leaders and members to effectively implement the election code of conduct, which was approved and adopted by many political parties during the fourth general elections.

The Committee also urged the public to contribute their share for the successfully conduct of the election. It also called on contesting political parties to contribute their share in the efforts being made to build democracy through contesting in a civilized and peacefully way in the upcoming election.

Ethiopia has recently sold 1 billion US dollars Eurobond, which according to the Committee are not only the results of Ethiopia’s right development and democratic policies but also the trust created in the international community about Ethiopia’s sustainable peace and economic growth.

The Committee also said the directions put to invest the fund obtained from the sale of the bond on projects that expedite development should be carried out as per the plan.


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