EPRDF may allow non party members to participate in government

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) the ruling coalition may have new policy strategies and changes in the bureaucratic arena after the beginning of the new reform that the party says will take place in the coming Ethiopian New Year.

The chairman of the EPRDF, who has been in power since the downfall of the Derg regime, and head of the government, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn gave a press conference to the public media early in the week and confirmed reforms will take place when the House of Peoples’ Representatives resumed its session.

During his address the PM said that this will be the second reform after the 2001 reform that followed the TPLF split.

In the new reform the party may invite non party members in the leadership arena according to the PM.

He said that the party’s former culture will be continued in the new leadership arrangement from the coming October, which is the beginning of the parliament’s second year session.

“For the sake of the public interest non party members that shall lead the government system and policy will be included in the government leadership,” the PM said.

It will be a new change for the EPRDF culture in the party system that preferred to assign EPRDF and allied ethnic based party members from the ground to top level of the government bureaucratic positions, according to experts.

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  1. How short-sighted! This is how you choke up talent to protect selfish and parochial interests. You need all 8 cylinders to compete in the modern world. Assuming that all societies have an equal percentage of talent and skill, say 5% of their population, you narrow the pool from which you recruit talent at your own peril. 5% of 50 million adults = 2.5 million. 5% of 6 million is….. do the math.

    If you reject talent and meritocracy it will reject you back. And there is a happy world out there to skim off the talent for cheap. Thanks to self-serving and lamentably shortsighted policies such as what you call the culture of the party, Africa has brain drain.

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