EPRDF reaches consensus on directions to address public woes, protect federal system

The Executive Committee of the ruling EPRDF announced that it has reached consensus on major directions that would help to address public queries and protect the federal system.

The Executive Committee has been deliberating on current national and organizational since 12 December in Addis Ababa. The deliberation includes former members.

A press statement that Office of the EPRDF Council issued to ENA said the Executive Committee has deliberated on the major issues that it said are critical to address the current challenges.

Through the deliberation held so far, the Executive Committee has agreed on the existence of practices and attitudinal problems that are derailing the journey to success.

Lack of unity and democracy within the party, and prevalence of doubt are the major issues that the Executive Committee said to derail the journey towards development.

After detailed discussion on these issues, the Committee has reached consensus on directions that would help to address public queries related to peace and stability, good governance and development.

Through the discussion on the nature and causes of the issues, strong consensus has reached amongst the leadership on the need to provide lasting solution for the problems, according to the statement.

The Executive Committee noted that doubt and distrust have become the characteristics of the relationship between the four national parties that EPRDF consists since recently.

In this regard, the Committee has discussed in detail and reach consensus on issues that would help to restore unity.

Though the in-depth reform process that the party has been implementing over the past three years has brought promising results, the Committee noted that it did not go very much in-depth as desired. This has resulted in the revival of the problems including clashes.

The Committee attributed the clashes occurred in various areas of the country that led to the death of people and destruction of property to the weakness of the leadership.

The Executive Committee has reached on a firm stand on the need to resolve the clashes occurred in some areas of the country, restore peace and protect the federal system. (ENA)

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