EPRDF wraps up registering its candidates

Amanuel Abrham

Addis Ababa: February 9, 2015 – The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) announced it has finalized registering its candidates that will contest in the upcoming 5th general election.

The Front has fielded 501 (191 of these are female) candidates to contest for 501 federal parliamentary seats in four regional states and two city administrations.

Amanuel Abrham, Ally Organizations Sector Head at the Front, said EPRDF has devised a campaign strategy for the upcoming election based on its experience in the previous elections.

EPRDF has made it its goal that the election is credible and legitimate in the eyes of the Ethiopian public. Moreover, by ensuring democratic election in all constituencies, the Front aspires to secure enough votes to form government and continue its policies.

The number of female candidates for the federal parliament has increased by 10% from the previous election, reaching a 38.1%. 1,322 candidates have been fielded for the four regional councils. 48.2% of the candidates are female, marking an ever increasing participation of women the Front.

300 contestants for the federal parliament are senior leadership members, while 290 candidates are from mid level leadership, Abrham noted.


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