Ethiopia ranked least corrupt nation in Africa

Transparency International

Addis Ababa: 4 September 2014 – The 2013 survey released by anti-graft body, Transparency International, ranked Ethiopia the least corrupt nation in Africa.

The survey, which was carried out in 95 countries worldwide indicated that Ethiopia is the least corrupt country in Africa with corruption levels standing at 6 per cent. Rwanda ranked second at 13 per cent.

In East Africa, Uganda is the second most corrupt with 61 per cent of the people having said they bribed public officials to access services in 2013. Tanzania is at 56 per cent and Sudan stands at 17 per cent.

South Africa is at 47, Nigeria 61, Libya 62, Senegal 57, Mozambique 62, Morroco 49, Zimbabwe 62 Ghana 54 and Madagascar 28 per cent.

Sierra Leone is the most corrupt country in the world with corruption levels standing at 84 per cent.

Liberia comes second at 75 per cent, followed by Yemen at 74 and Kenya completes the list of the top four most corrupt nations at 70 per cent.

In the world, the countries with the lowest reported bribery rate are Denmark, Finland, Japan and Australia; they all have a bribery rate of one per cent.

Only 16 out of the 95 countries posted corruption levels of less than five per cent.

source: The-star

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