Ethiopia to Deploy Extra Peace-keeping Forces to Somalia, South Sudan and Abiye

Ethiopian peace keeping soldiers

Addis Ababa: February 5, 2015 – Ethiopia will deploy 600 additional peace keepers to Somalia, South Sudan and Abiye in March, 2015, the Ethiopian International Peace-keeping Training Centre disclosed.

The peace keepers will be deployed around Kismayo in Somalia and three helicopter gunships would be sent to South Sudan.

Preparations have also been finalized to deploy half of the 1,069 troops that will be assigned to Abiye under the UN Interim Security Force in Abyei (UNISFA), it was indicated.

Center Head Major General Hassan Ibrahim said that the peace keeping forces are being deployed to different places in line with the invitation of the respective countries.

Since the peace-keeping force has finalized its preparations, it will be deployed in March following the supervision of UN and the AU.

Alongside meeting its peace-keeping mission, the forces will help the countries build strong defense forces by giving training, the head elaborated.

The Ethiopian peace-keeping mission in Kismayo will replace the departing Sierra Leon peace keepers that cut short their mission recently.

The peace-keeping force is filling the void following the invitation of the government of Somalia, Major General Hassan said, adding that the peace keepers will go with full logistics.

There are over 12,000 Ethiopian Peace keepers in Somalia, South Sudan, Darfur and Abiye, it was learned.

Of the total, up to 7 percent are female, according to the center head.


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