Ethiopia’s new prime minister names new cabinet

Ethiopia's new prime minister names new cabinet
Ethiopia’s new prime minister named a 29-strong cabinet on Thursday that included 10 new members.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made 25 appointments today. A new Speaker was elected for the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

In the morning, the parliament accepted the resignation of Speaker Abadula Gemeda and elected Mufriyat Kemil (SEPDM) as its new Speaker.

The parliament approved 16 ministerial appointments tabled by the Prime Minister. Accordingly, the House approved the appointment of the following ministers:

1) Mottuma Mekasa (OPDO) – Minister of Defence. Previous post, Minister of Mining.
2) Siraj Fegessa (SEPDM) – Minister of Transport. Previous post, Minister of Defence.
3) Shiferaw Shigute (SEPDM) – Minister of Agriculture and Livestock. Previous post, Head of EPRDF Secretariat a.k.a. Democracy Coordination Center.
4) Ahmed Shide (ESPDP) – Head of Government Communication Affairs Office. Previous post, Minister of Transport.
5) Berhanu Tsegaye (OPDO) – Attorney General. Previous post, deputy head of OPDO Secretariat.


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