Female Tour Operators Forum Launched

Women could contribute a lot engaging in tour operating business.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism yesterday launched first ever national female tour operators forum aiming to raise women’s awareness towards tour operating business.

Opening the forum, State Minister Meaza Gebremedhin said though tourism and culture sector offers various jobs for women and youth, the number of female tour operators is very few in the country.

According to her, large numbers of women are employed in less paid jobs including housekeeping, reception and sanitary services. But, they could benefit themselves a lot, if they join the tour operating business, she added.

Ministry Women and Youth Affairs Directorate Director Woinshet Hailemariam for her part cited some discouraging factors for female tour operator as the field is exposed to gender abuses and the like.

However, she said, relevant policy and codes are in place to protect women from abuses. “Skill training will also be offered to help them get rid of abuses.”

“The forum or association which is intended to encourage and motivate female tour operators is a step forward to overcome the challenges and ensure female engagement in the sector,” the director said.

Organized by the ministry in collaboration with African Women Development Organization, the forum brought together tour operators drawn from various states and tourism students.


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