Fun Times For All at Addis’s Game Centres

Children, who measures between 90com and 120cm ca enjoy themselves in one of the three Game Zones at Edna Mall, which contains 13 gaming machines including the Mini rider- a racing car simulator.

“I always want to come to this place,” Leule Kibrom, 3, says excitedly.

Bob & Bongo are names given to characters of a girl and a boy displayed on posters in the gaming centre of the same name, located on the ground floor of Edna Mall. The place was full of children, parents and young people when Fortune visited; it was full of noises coming from the playing machines, and children’s shouts and screams.

The gaming areas are classified into three Zones. Each zone holds different types of machines. Zone one contains 13 gaming machines; the Mini Rider is a racing car simulator for children who are 90 to 120cm tall, with a wind and movement effect.

Most of the boys in zone one are playing football, where the players kick an actual ball, with a digital copy simulating the movement of the ball and a digital goalkeeper either catching or missing the ball; a lot of boys were also playing on the Playstation machines. Pump-it-up is a game that is played by stepping on the floor following guiding lights, guiding the players to dance to the music played by the machine. So many girls were waiting for their turn to play it.

Other gaming machines, such as 7D Simulator Formula 1 and Dirt 3, were brought to Bob & Bongos by Turkish and Dubai-based machine supply companies, at a cost ranging from 70,000 to 120,000 dollars each.

The centre has availed 100 gaming machines, which are visited by 4,000 to 5,000 customers, says Eyasu Kiros, the general manager of the centre.

The game centre, the cinema and the building that houses them are owned by the well known grade one contractor, Tekleberhan Ambaye. He opened Bob & Bongos in 2008. The centre reopened in June 2014 after an expansion process which added several machines.

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