Gluten-free Ethiopian eatery on Brunswick Street opened

Saba Alemayoh
Saba Alemayoh in the eatery (photo )

Addis Ababa: September 10, 2015 – Ethiopian Australian entrepreneur Saba Alemayoh has opened an entirely gluten-free Ethiopian eatery on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Saba’s Ethiopian Restaurant was conceived by 25-year-old Saba, who was born in Sudan to Ethiopian parents and immigrated to Australia 16 years ago. Serving the authentic cuisine of the Tigray region, Saba’s menu is a collection of meat, vegetarian and vegan stews flavoured with the signature Ethiopian berbere spice blend.

Reflecting traditional dining custom, the menu at Saba’s Ethiopian Restaurant is designed to be shared. The stews are presented on platters lined with the fermented flatbread injera, a staple of Ethiopian cuisine.

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