LBCI identifies the Lebanese man who abused the Ethiopian domestic worker

"Ali Mahfouz-ethiopian domestic worker abuser"
Ali Mahfouz, the Lebanese man who abused the Ethiopian domestic worker.

The scenes of the Ethiopian domestic worker being beaten outside the Ethiopian consulate were considered as a crime by all those who saw them. The Lebanese state mobilized its efforts, especially the cabinet and the Lebanese public opinion that strongly denounced what happened, calling for harsh sanctions against the perpetrator of such acts in the future.

Ali Mahfouz is the man seen in the video footage, abusing the Ethiopian worker; LBCI identified him through his plate number. Ali tried to justify his act by denying that he beat her; he stressed that the worker tried to commit suicide more than once and that he tried dealing with her humanely, but she refused to go to the airport for deportation.

Labor Minister Salim Jreissati told LBCI that the Ministry of Labor decided to take the necessary measures to punish the perpetrator who turned out to be an employee in the domestic workers’ office. Jreissati said that the ministry summoned the domestic workers’ office for an urgent meeting on Monday, adding that a formal complaint will be registered.

As for Chakib Kortbawi, he told LBCI that this act cannot be justified, adding that justice will be served and that the public prosecution launched an investigation in this case.

The Ethiopian Consulate’s employees told LBCI that they remember the incident, adding that it is not one of its kind. They called on the Lebanese authorities to interfere and protect Ethiopian nationals.

Caritas identified the Ethiopian worker, stressing that they were following up on her case since she was admitted in Deir el-Salib hospital two weeks ago.

This Ethiopian girl may be lucky that pictures of her were taken while being abused, but many other domestic workers are being beaten and abused behind closed doors.

Video:Ethiopian domestic worker being beaten outside the Ethiopian consulate in Lebanon.

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  1. All I have to say after watching the video is I bet this is not the first time these people have done this. Keep in mind that most middle eastern men and their society have no respect toward their own women; why would they have any respect or kindness toward an Ethiopian woman who is considered only a domestic worker and a “n”. The problem is the Ethiopian authorities; they don’t do anything for these girls when they ask for help. The government of Ethiopia and the middle eastern governments are aware that Ethiopian domestic workers are often abused physically and mentally by the entire household, but they ignore it. This tells me that they don’t care. It seems nobody wants to stand up for these poor women. The Ethiopian ambassadors in the middle east are cowards and cruel. These men (and women) in these positions are not protecting these women at all. They know a lot of innocent young girls are raped and mentally abused in many middle east countries, but the Ethiopian ambassadors can’t help? The embassy suggestion to the woman most often is that she should go back and try to make it work with the abuser. I consider that unbelievable and shameful. I think it is time that the Ethiopian government do something about this. These are your sisters, neighbors, aunts, mothers and daughters — it needs to stop. Ethiopia is proud to claim they have never been enslaved, but this is modern slavery. The Ethiopian government is degrading its own people. I saw a documentary about how Philippine domestic workers in middle eastern countries are respected and taken care of by their embassy much better than Ethiopian domestic workers. It seems to me that Ethiopians government in middle eastern countries suffer from an inferiority complex. Otherwise there is no excuse for this inhuman treatment toward these poor women trying to make living for their family. Shame on Ethiopian government and shame on Middle Eastern countries. Israelis and Arabs claim that they love God, more than anything and they pray five time a day, however; you guys turn around torture human being and discriminate Ethiopians and non-middle Easterner. What are you think? What is the point praying and loving God if you are not able to love your fellow human being? Just because they are away from their country and they are poor women looking for work; they don’t deserve abuse no matter what. They are someone’s child and mom. It is not right. For God’s seek, it needs to stop and have a heart. They always do, however; the powerful and God loving person or people are not suppost to take advantege of weak and poor person. they Do the right thing.

    • In my opinion, our government should do something to protect or defend their people from tortured and abused by the cruel Arab employers. I thought slavery was abolished in the late 60th but still going on. Please don’t go to these Arab counties and sacrifice your lives for nothing. No wonder these inhuman Arabs kill each other and go to the hell. I rather stay hungry in my home land.

  2. Le Liban a été le premier pays arabe à avoir ouvert les yeux à de nombreux pays du monde arabe en matière de la littérature politique et littéraire. Mais, depuis quelques années, le Liban s’est illustré par le racisme et des pratiques indignes spécialement à l’encontre des emplyées de maison d’origine
    Les Ethiopiennes, et pour peu qu’on ait la peau foncée, vivent un calvaire dans le “pays des Cèdres”. il est triste que la presse ni les associations humanitaires libanaises ne réagissent pas davantage par rapport à des crimes que l’on cherche à ‘étouffer.
    Le premier fautif est l’Etat libanais, le second les autorités éthiopiennes qui ne protègent pas assez leurs ressortissantes.
    Qu’est-elle devenue cette employée de maison ? Son agresseur sera-t-il poursuivi et puni par la justice libanaise ? J’en doute.
    Quelle honte ? Quelle image exécrable le racisme ambiant donne du Liban ? Le pays des Cèdres.

    ali coubba (France, Reims)

  3. IT`S really awful the Ethiopian government should hv to take a necessary measure with it`s counter part Lebanese protect this work addict of Ethiopian workers!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shame on those coward Arab men!They don’t have any respect for women.OMG! Why on our sisters? When is this gone stop?Those idiots don’t know or don’t want to know that Ethiopia was the only heavenly place to pass their hard times in history; her daughters don’t deserve such an inhuman and barbaric treatment. Obviously this is not the first one……Oh my God, see my helpless sisters in the Arab world on such desperate moments of their lives. Only God’s Justice stops this brutality…

  5. i fell sorry for those of you go through all the suffering to support your family. i hope this is the time to open our eyes and to determined to say enough is enough. Arabs must stop abusing our sisters.

  6. Now u wonder why the Israeli’s bombs those cheap good for nothing middle easterns. And funny as it is they talk how their human rights are being violeted lol

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