New Chinese-funded African Union HQ Inaugurated

"New Chinese-funded African Union Head Quarter Inaugurated"

Press Release – Addis Ababa, 28th January 2012

The 100 meter tall, 20 story African Union Conference Center (AUCC) incorporating a 2,500 capacity plenary hall, built by the Chinese government as a gift to Africa was inaugurated today 28th January 2012, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The AUCC was built at a cost of USD200 million In his opening remarks, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC) expressed his heartfelt gratitude to both the governments of Ethiopia and China. “Our dream came true and we are now overlooking a modern architectural jewel symbolising the historical relations between China and our continent” said Dr Jean Ping. Highlighting the efforts made by his predecessor Professor Alpha Oumar Konare, the Chairperson further added that the new conference centre will help promote the AUC’s presence and its competitiveness in the global arena, as well as improve its working capacity.

The modern and fully equipped facility sitting on over 100,000 m2 of land donated by the Ethiopian government represents a historical milestone for the AUC and Africa as it marks the fulfilment of decades old aspirations of African leaders and member states of the African Union.

The magnificent new head quarters of the continental organisation which has been at the center of the struggle for the African integration and development is a symbol of the rise of Africa, said the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mr. Meles Zenawi in his opening remarks. He noted that over the past decades and despite rampant hopelessness throughout the continent, China-Africa cooperation has gone from strength to strength. “The future prospects of our partnership are even brighter and it is therefore very appropriate for China to decide to build this hall”, said Mr Meles.

Mr. Jia Qinglin, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) on his part congratulated Africans on “this monumental achievement” and assured his governments’ readiness to continue extending maximum support to Africa. He valued China’s involvement in Africa to USD150 billion with more than 2,000 companies working throughout the continent with growing economic and cultural ties.

Mr. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and Chairperson of the African Union stated that the new conference centre, is a reflection of the new Africa, and that it endows Africans with the right tools to showcase their human and natural resources.

The inauguration of the tallest tower in Ethiopia concluded with the presentation of gifts to seven Chinese officials who played a key role in the construction of the centre followed by the handing over of the golden key of the conference center to the Chairperson of theUnion who then handed it over the Chairperson of the AUC.

Following a group photograph and amidst cultural performances drawn from Member States of the AU, a Statue of Kwame Nkrumah was unveiled. There was also a brief ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the construction of an African Union Human Rights Memorial.


African Union Headquarters Addis Ababa

"African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa"
African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa

"African Union Addis Ababa"

"african union headquarters Addis Ababa Ethiopia"

"african union headquarters Addis Ababa Ethiopia"

"african union headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia"

"OAU headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia"

"Chinese-funded AU headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia"

"Chinese-funded AU headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia"

"african union headquarters main gate"

"African Union HQ building addis ababa"

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    • At least the Chinese are willing to buy your kisses, not like the western countries demanding your kiss with guns and bullets, and left you with only poverty and disparity.

  1. As an African origion i am a prowed & hopfull person today than ten or twenty years a go. Africans are understood the power of union more than ever. In my opinion, the riginal and eventually african economic union”Afrozon” will craet the new “Black Dimond” Continent in less than twentyfive years. In the past the eastern countries lack such economic support to Africa. But now, the game hase changed. For that thankyou, to the new leadership in africa. I hope the few can come to thire sences and join the progresive majority.also, i hope my country the United State of America will be part of this historical event.

  2. Call me skeptical but i would prefer they put the money towards something meaningful rather than building this outlandishly luxurious headquarter. As far as I am concerned this is a meaningless project and has zero implication on the future of the continent. It doesn’t reflect the state of the union and its people. In fact its a testament to our near 100% dependence on foreign aid. I would rather encourage the so called “leaders” to get real and focus on what really matters. Focus on education, health, and developing a culture of creativity and work ethic. Invest in people not on bricks. Bricks don’t change the world people do.

    • Hi HT i understand what you mean, but you have to have a building to talk about what African people most matter as you say like education, health, road, and water etc… Their is one thing i think you missing. this AU building paid by Chaina, i don’t think anyone can say no if someone want to build for free. The only thing i can say is hoping this African leaders can work together for the sake of this poor people things geting hard every where. I wish the cost of this building spent for development. I would like to say something too, as you know we are poor. we need foregin aid until we get on our feet. It doesn’t mean we have to kiss their Ass. it is reality we need help.

  3. Always,we have to think deep for our country what is best.some people think some thing behind it when China did or does for Ethiopia or Africa.Canada,Australia,America & other developed countries think business is business.Negative thinking will damage us.I do not have to kiss anyone’s ASS if do other things for community or Government must hug each other to develop Ethiopia or Africa..please show happy heart for ALL…

  4. There is a lot of peopel in China, who needs this Money(USD$200).I think this is give and take.
    Haw much USD invest in all parts of the continent and haw much profit they get from this investment?
    But Afrikan peopel needs education not building.

  5. It is nice to see something that reperesent the African Union in Addiss but the main issue here is it realy what the African people need right now?or is it just a propaganda that chinese are using to fool the African leaders to gain fertile african land when its own people wait for donations from the west. The arabs, Indians and the chinese are fighting over the African fertile agriculatural land to feed their people when the African poor farmers go hungry.



  7. Hello modern COLONIZATION
    thank you china, for giving a symbol to the new age colonization you’re executing
    Most of Africa has acquired debts it wont be able to pay for at least couple generations!
    Let’s hope the badly planned, substandard, infrastructure you’ve built with imported low-quality material and unfit labor, and the major shares you hold in extremely profitable second-rate-service giving industries will somehow make up for it.

  8. The external appearances of this political act look in many ways beautiful. But, appearances can be deceiving, Therefore let us not deceive ourselves. It’s a fact, that nothing is done free in æra, especially when it’s about relations between nations.

    It’s terrifying to know the place which fate has positioned africain and its ever growing population. It can’t even build its own houses, but external political powers have to do it.

    Thought china may bring other ingredients to to soup, nonetheless the end is alway the same when it came to politics, namly to obtain one’s own end.

    Let, africa one day forget about the fatherland and starts to build a land for its children. A land where people can craft their own being on this world.

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