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Bethlehem Tilahun to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting

September 10, 2010 admin 0

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu becomes the first African entrepreneur to be invited in this yearly event. She will join with other top attendees like US First Lady Michelle Obama, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, former Heads of State, CEOs, philanthropists, leaders of NGOs, academicians and prominent members of the media.

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Addis Ababa City Administration demolishes Houses in Yeka Sub City

September 7, 2010 admin 0

The Addis Ababa City Administration’s, Yeka Sub City, has demolished 57 residential houses that are “illegally” constructed after and during the 2005 national election. The tenants who left their houses last Monday told Capital that some of the tenants have started to live in temporary plastic houses around the demolished area.

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Emperor Haile Sellassie grandson to develop Ghion Hotel

September 7, 2010 admin 2

Prince Aklile Berhan Mekonnen entered a deal with PPEPSA to renovate one of the oldest hotels in Ethiopia with an investment of 512 million dollar to upgrade it to a five star hotel. The investor will own 80 percent of the shares, while the rest will be government-owned.

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Court Adjourns Akallukan Criminal Case for Verdict

September 6, 2010 admin 0

The Federal High Court heard seven defence witnesses in the Askallukan Trading Plc criminal suit, involving Menna Terefe, the first defendant and general manager of the company, and three others, before adjourning the case for verdict pronouncing to October 19, 2010.

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Changing fear into dreams

September 2, 2010 admin 27

At age 7 Maheder Kebede lost her father and was raised by mom. Thinking about the future of the street kids that she walked by on her way to school made her relise that she might one day loose her mom too and become one of them. At age 9 she was able to change that fear into a dream. She decided to help less fortunate kids.

"Duka Azmari Bet"

Duking It out with Dancing

August 31, 2010 admin 1

The singing of traditional songs, making jocular rhymes, and, especially, dancing epitomises a good night out, and they are all to be found at Duka, an azmari bet in Kasanchis, writes MIREILLE DE VILLIERS, SPECIAL TO FORTUNE.

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Besso Comes to Town

August 29, 2010 admin 0

At a busy taxi stop, one man has gotten creative with an immobile minibus; serving Besso, the traditional ground barley shake to peckish people in transit, looking for a quick and filling drink in-between taxis, writes MIREILLE DE VILLIERS

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Art Showing Creatives of Addis

August 24, 2010 admin 0

The third annual Art of Ethiopia exhibition at the Sheraton Addis opened on Saturday, August 21, 2010, with 40 established and aspiring artists displaying 400 artworks, writes MIREILLE DE VILLIERS, SPECIAL TO FORTUNE.

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Connectivity Malaise

August 24, 2010 admin 0

For the last few months, Internet connectitiy has been very poor. The fixed line broadband and CDMA users have both been having trouble getting the bandwidth they paid for, causing many owners of Internet Cafés a loss of revenue, writes HAILU TEKLEHAIMANOT and ADERAJEW ASFAW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITERS.

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Ethiopia to build 82,500-km road network

August 23, 2010 admin 1

August 22, 2010 (ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopian government said today that it will invest billions of dollars over the coming five years to enhance the road sector development program of the country.