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Government imposes price ceiling

January 14, 2011 admin 0

“You are the result of our system,” Meles told the business community which has come out from the shadow of communist system along with the current regime. The prime minister said it is the government’s responsibility to support the private sector as it the basis of the country’s development.

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We have made history!

January 4, 2011 admin 3

“We have made history!” Ethiopian CEO Girma Wake said on Thursday, flanked by his successor Tewolde GebreMariam and his new management team. Indeed they made history with Girma Wake writing the main chapter.

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Liquor, Sushi in Chill Out Lounge

January 4, 2011 admin 1

Liquid Lounge, located in Kazanchis, opened its doors two weeks ago. It is not only a lounge and bar, but also a restaurant; while it is not exclusive, it is not cheap; and while foreigners hang out there, Ethiopians do too.

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Chicken Hut Opens Branches in Addis Ababa

December 29, 2010 admin 3

Despite Chicken Hut, the international chain, opening a branch in Addis Abeba, with plans to open more in its wake to serve the capital fried chicken 15 hours a day, it is not exactly a fast food franchise, writes MIREILLE DE VILLIERS, SPECIAL TO FORTUNE.

"Tabla Indian restaurants in Addis Abeba"

Heady Helpings at Tabla

December 13, 2010 admin 0

The word spice originated from the Latin word species, meaning a commodity of great value and distinction. The culinary possibilities they add to food are legion, and few countries do it better than India, making another authentic eatery in Addis Abeba from her shores a welcome addition to the city, writes MIREILLE DE VILLIERS, SPECIAL TO FORTUNE.