SSAAE To Celebrate Signing of Peace Agreement In Addis Ababa

South Sudanese musicians on the stage
South Sudanese musicians performing in Gambella, Ethiopia(Photo: supplied)

Addis Ababa: Nov 16, 2015 – South Sudanese artists association in Ethiopia is due to celebrate the recently signed security agreement between the trio warring parties which supposed to end more than 22 months of south Sudan civil war next week in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. According to the chairperson of the association, Khor DJ,

“The mass are being informs to attends the show as a part to celebrate the recently signed security arrangement. It is important for south Sudanese living here in Addis Ababa to come and joins us in celebration.”

Khor DJ express his gratitude to the leaders for their efforts in bringing the conflict that kills thousands, displaced millions and threatening the country to experience famine to an end.

“Finally our hopes is being restored. Our leaders’ efforts in signing the peace is really a good step to bring the people of south Sudan together months after the war broke out in south Sudan in December of 2013.”

The concert will takes place at Mabaratels roundabout in St. George Hotel opposite the Fountain Café from 1:30 pm afternoon on Friday of 20th November. The tickets are already on sales this week and hundreds of people are expected to attend the concert. The planning about the show came after weeks of consideration and progress on the peace process negotiates between the warring parties of the SPLM.

South Sudan civil war already displaced millions of people to the neighboring countries, thousands died and thousands more are stranded in the UNMISS protection sites across the country. The famine according to UN is looming and threatening the very lives of the local people living in the Greater Upper Nile. Recently the atrocities committed in southern part of the Unity State has been widely condemned by the several human right agencies in the country. Some dignitaries in the country have been invited to attend the show.

“We express our gratitude to south Sudanese leaders finally for signing the Transitional Security Arrangement. It is good at least, but we would like to see them keeping the promise without taking the country back to square one again. Signing alone doesn’t make sense, they leaders must work hard to implement what they signed.”

The peace ambassador further extended a message of peace to the people of south Sudan asking all the citizens to be part of the implementation process.

“We must take the responsibility to help our leaders to implement what they signal. As the citizens to this country we are part of the bigger picture to help bring the war to an end. We must stop now fighting each other.”

The concert is apparently well organized.


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