The response of millions to the call of pessimists!

"ginbot 20 addis ababa"
Millions of Ethiopians throughout the country celebrated May 28 colorfully and expressed their determination towards sacrificing for the development of the country.

Millions staged a rally in Ethiopia. Ethiopians across the country have determined to extricate poverty through effective implementation of the GTP and realizing the Grand Renaissance Dam. They have been working, being hand in glove, to ensure sustainable economic growth of the country despite what a few pessimists have been propagating.

According to the pessimists, who usually dream of chaos and havoc in the country, the people of Ethiopia would express their protest against the government of Ethiopia and May 28n wouldn’t be a celebration day but a day for havoc and chaos.  Unlike the prophesy of the pessimists, the people of Ethiopia have staged a mass celebration and commemorated May 28. The day has passed being a day for Ethiopians to renew their promise to strengthen their participation in realizing the renaissance of their country.

Millions of Ethiopians throughout the country unlike what the pessimist and havoc dreamers have prophesied have celebrated May 28 colorfully and expressed their determination towards sacrificing for the development of their country and prosperity of the people in a way that could teach the wrong dreamers refrain from such fabricated stories.

The people of Ethiopia have determined to work hard to alleviate poverty from Ethiopia. However, the fabricators failed to realize the reality in the country and the interest of the people of Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia celebrated May 28 so uniquely despite the propaganda of uprising and chaos disseminated via the internet.

For instance, the Guardian reported that there was plan to protest and people are called to join anti-government protests sweeping. The campaign made to disrupt the peace and divert the attention of the people resulted nix as the people now realize what is important for Ethiopia. Nothing was heard in connection to what has been propagating. The people of Ethiopia have realized all the developments they have been enjoying; they have realized that their country is  on the right truck to change image of the country and make poverty a history.

Pessimists may continue shouting and misleading but they never get any ears in the country that could listen to their fabrications. There is no need to list evidences as the people themselves have expressed in their rally that they are determined to support governments’ effort to change the history of the country in general and build the Renaissance Dam in particular. The response of millions to the call of pessimists is that they want to realize the renaissance of Ethiopia.

Video: Millions of Ethiopians celebrating May 28 colorfully

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  1. this all people comes out for ginbot 20 celebration? I DON’T THINK SO THEY ARE NOT PURE ETHIOPIAN RATHER THYE ARE PUPET OF MELES DICTATORAL REGIME, when days come GOD will rid of this brutal government with his follwers, we will see this all things in our life time

  2. Dear John


    It seems to me that any one who doesn’t share your opinion is called “NOT ETHIOPIAN”. First of all, who are you or who gave you the right to give or take away other people’s nationality? Who made you more of an Ethiopian than others?

    No wonder why, people like you are becoming irrelevant to the Ethiopian issues. People like you are becoming a laughing stock and your attempt to give or take away Ethiopian nationality to others just shows how you lacked the basic education and sense of humanity.

    We all are Ethiopians and we all love Ethiopia despite our differences as to how best to lead our country. (I will never deny your nationality despite you have a mind that can be categorized among Animals)

    Have a good day

  3. john! i think u your self are not an ethiopian.
    you are one of z stupid shabia. no one disagree specially this time with our herro PM. ETHIOPIA no more milke and hony 4 shabia. mesgeram hedeh eziaw le areboch afededeh kitehen set. ye Ethiopia hezeb ande new. meriw ande new. abayem ande new. esum ye Ethiopia new. arat neteb::

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