XV Studio unveils Lideta Mercato design

"Design of the multistory multistory market, Lideta Mercato, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia."
Design of the multistory multistory market, Lideta Mercato, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The project is a simple volume that is carved to create and interior world in a multistory contemporary building based on the traditional market principles. The diagonal void connects the two parallel streets and intersects the inclined atrium where the entrance and the links through levels happen.The inclined void creates a variety of circulation and organization of the shops in each floor and reinforces the idea of continuity from the ground floor to the roof.

The building is an open air space enclosed by a perforated concrete sheet that allows ventilation and natural illumination and protects from the sun radiation and the rain. The fractal pattern of the façade is similar to the ones that are used to do the traditional Ethiopian dresses, a filter of light and views from the inside and an attraction for people from the outside.

The roof contains gathering and recreational areas, a new urban oasis protected from the rain and the sun. The circular porches and the roof collect the water from the rain to be processed and reused for sanitary. The porches also hold a network of photovoltaic panels that produce and store electrical energy for the interior and to light up the façade at night.

The new market is located in an area in development in Addis Ababa. The surrounding buildings under construction define a very dense neighborhood based on middle rise residential buildings and a car based street system.

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    wishing to buy shopping butik in your building and needs som imformotion haw can i attend in your member.

    With big regurding .
    Alganesh Hagos
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